Riso Printer
Scanning Hardware can be broken down into three categories:


At 150 ppm*1, the ComColor 9050 is the world's fastest*2 full color printer, completing a 1,000 page document in just a little over six minutes. It's RISO's high-end, full-featured solution for time-sensitive applications or super-high-volume users such as print service providers, in-plants, and large offices.

ComColor 7050
A3 Full Colour Inkjet Printer

Like the HC5500 the Comcolor 7050 is a inkjet based technology. With a small footprint, the ComColor printer fits easily into most office environments. It’s also ENERGY STAR certified, with a host of energy-saving features that make it one of the greenest printers on the planet. It all adds up to a powerful way to print that will get your printing jobs done quickly, easily, and reliably with a reduced impact on our environment.

The ComColor 3010 offers you all the speed, power and versatility you need to create professional-looking, full-color documents fast. With a host of convenient features and a thoughtfully-designed user interface, operation is both versatile and extremely easy. And the high output speed of 90 ppm*1 lets you complete a 1,000 page document in just a little over 11 minutes. this printer is ideally suited to high-volume, multi-purpose use in offices, schools and the like.


ComColor X1 Ink Cartridge


ComColor uses high capacity ink cartridges (1,000ml per color) for reliable 
high-volume printing.Black/Cyan/Magenta/Yellow ink cartridges.

ComColor Staple

Staple for the Face Down Offset Stapler.

Product Name Specifications
ComColor Staple 50 15,000 Pieces/Box

HC Staple Booklet

Staple for the Multifunctional Finisher II.

Product Name Specifications
HC Staple 100 15,000 Pieces/Box
HC Staple Booklet 20,000 Pieces/Box