Scantron Score - Test Scoring Machine

Good assessment is more than just scoring tests. The Scantron Score can print the correct answer next to each question the student got wrong, helping your students reinforce their learning. Test rescoring lets you give them a chance to correct mistakes. And item analysis features help you see how the test itself performed, defining test validity and identifying areas of instruction that may need more emphasis. The Scantron Score allows you to concentrate on improving student learning, not test scoring.

Scantron offers nearly 40 different types of answer sheets for use with the Scantron Score. Choose the number of questions, the types of answer choices, whether the test has multiple versions, and many more options to help you create and score the most effective test for your students’ abilities. You can also include results from a performance-based assignment (lab projects, reports, etc.) to create a single score using our Subjective Score area. Our unique Low Visibility Answer Sheets (LOVAS) offer increased test security, while mini essay books and forms with blank work space provide areas for answering essay questions and showing calculations.

The Scantron Score can save hours of manual tabulation time by automatically tallying results from elections, instructor evaluations and surveys. Survey forms and ballots are available in several styles to meet a wide range of needs.