Optical Mark Readers

The Opscan 4ES Optical Mark Reader (OMR) scanner is the device we recommend most often, as it works with a variety of OMR software products. It is robust and reliable, has evolved over many years from previous models (such as the Opscan 2, 3, 4, 4XP, 4U and Insight 4 OMR units) and represents excellent value for money. Able to process single or double sided sheets, pencil marks, bubble or line format, 40 or 48 track, this Optical Mark Reader has a throughput rating of 2800 sheets per hour. The Opscan 4ES OMR scanner also has an optional select output stacker, and can automatically feed 80-100 sheets through the scanner via its input tray.

The EZData OMR 
scanner is now available in the EU, as it complies with all EU regulations. This 'lottery' size scanner can be used in a variety of applications and accepts forms up to 3.25 inches (approx 82mm) in width. Prior to 2008 it came with a serial RS232 connector, but since Jan 2008 it connects direclty into a PC via a USB connector.

Capable of scanning 25-30 hand fed forms per minute, the EZData optical mark reader is ideal for classroom testing, course evaluation, hospital menu systems and quality inspections. With a footprint of only 14cm x 14cm, and weighing just over 1kg, this OMR scanner is portable and works with ScanTools Plus and other software. For more information on the EZData OMR scanner.

During 2009, there was a 'slimmed down' version of the iNSIGHT 30 available, which is called the iNSIGHT 20, with the same features, apart from a slightly slower throughput rate. For more information on these unique 'hybrid' scanners, and how they could benefit your data capture projects.

There are two more OMR with Image scanners available from Scantron, both of which are at the 'top end' of the range, and are typically used in census and national examination projects. These are the Insight 70 and Insight 150 scanners. We would be happy to talk to you about supplying, installing and maintaining these units and the optional components that are available for them.